Why Choose SharePoint?

At Aciron, we’ve helped clients through many different stages of SharePoint development, implementation, and migration. However, before we can do any of that, we often help our clients choose the technology that is right for their organization. One thing seems to trip up decision makers: why choose SharePoint in the first place? While the answers to this question vary tremendously, we’ve put together some thoughts on what SharePoint can do to help you answer this question for your organization.

Document and Content Management

SharePoint has a wide range of functionalities that improve collaboration among your employees. Enterprise content and document sharing and management allow you to control the sharing of information in a secure way. SharePoint’s robust and powerful document management tool also includes check in/check out, versioning, document permissions, document workflow, and many other features and functionality. Online document storage allows you to safely store important documents in one centralized location, with a robust search functionality that will allow you to quickly and easily locate the document you are looking for. This ease of access eliminates the difficulties inherent with documents being buried in different folders, servers, and locations.


Another key feature of a SharePoint platform is the security functionality. With comprehensive role-based security features, your company can securely manage the sharing of information and documents at a highly granular level. Users can manage access privileges and permissions at a very detailed level, allowing administrators to define users’ roles and secure the site, various lists, views, and forms, etc. according to the organization’s specific requirements. Your organization’s Active Directory can also be integrated with the SharePoint platform for user authentication when accessing the application.


When using Microsoft SharePoint as an intranet portal or extranet site, SharePoint requires unique log-ins to give your company control over who has access and which parts of the portal they have access to. Whether you would like to use an intranet to share information internally within your company, or use an extranet to extend the intranet to securely include outside parties such as suppliers or partners, you can easily set up either using a SharePoint platform.

Microsoft Integration

Of course, as a Microsoft product, SharePoint can easily integrate with other Microsoft applications, such as Outlook. Such integration ensures up-to-date and accurate data, provides consistency across the organization, and allows companies to use SharePoint to further streamline business processes and workflows. Also, because most of your employees are probably already very familiar with Microsoft applications, it reduces the confusion that can come with introducing new technology to the organization.

There are many reasons why a company could choose to implement SharePoint at their organization. In short, Microsoft SharePoint enables your employees to easily work together and keep track of important information. Remember that this is not an IT decision – SharePoint should be implemented at a company as a business decision. By facilitating “one-stop” collaboration, knowledge management, document management, enterprise search, and more, SharePoint enables companies to streamline information and significantly enhance collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. 

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