Website Development: Expectations vs Reality

In this technology-driven age, odds are that the first impression a consumer will have of a company is their website. Online marketing has become more important in the past ten years. Website development is the life-blood of countless businesses. When revamping a website or contracting an agency to make a new one, it’s paramount to keep assumptions at bay and marketing tactics at the forefront of a team’s mind. Below are realities and expectations that affect both clients and developers.

Client Expectations

Clients might jump for joy at a beautifully designed website layout, but the actual SEO ranking could be far lower than desired. Poor infrastructure and muddled mechanics could drive away viewers if not properly designed. While budgets might affect the scope of the website development, the product must be worth what the company puts into it. Clients and developers need to find a happy medium for their expectations.

Website Creators

Developers should do their best to produce pages that are entirely functional and fast loading. It’s a mark on any portfolio to have a cheap website with no social media ingrained in the pages or to have one-dimensional homepages. Some developers will make ‘must-have’ digital features as expensive ‘extras’ when discussing what a website should have with a client who might not know better. If given space for creativity and a proper budget, developers could make a website that boosts performance and looks professional.

The Reality of SEO Rank

A good website needs a strong CMS, well-fortified security for file maintenance, tracking enabled for Google Analytic data, mobile-friendly interface, and client conversion optimization to help click-to-sale numbers. Due to costs with website builders, clients might shy away from some of these features, but they are a necessity. Many companies have shifted to in-house marketing to help appease the cost of branding. 

A website does not need to have a thousand features and beautiful backgrounds to attract users, however, an aesthetic interface and landing pages could increase conversion rates. Simple fixes to websites, such as adding an email sign-up form for marketing with emails, could make the world of a difference to companies. If you have any questions or concerns, the Aciron Consulting team would be delighted to hear from you

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