UX Design: Understanding the Basics

UX design or User Experience Design is a term that many of us have heard. In fact, more companies are realizing the impact UX design has on customer satisfaction and business success. With today’s rapidly growing interfaces, having an understanding of UX design is essential. Therefore, we constructed this post to discuss the basics of UX design.

What is UX Design?

User Experience design is the process of enhancing the user experience by creating products that are meaningful and relevant to end users. What does that mean? It means enriching the user journey on your website to make the user experience simple and more enjoyable. UX design involves the entire development of the product, which includes the aspects of branding, design, usability, and functions.

The purpose of UX design is to make the user’s experience with the final product pleasurable and efficient. For example, if a user is visiting your website, you want to ensure important information is easily accessible and understandable.

Why is UX Design Important?

UX design is important in agile software development. As user expectations continue to grow, it has become more of a challenge to meet customers’ satisfaction. That’s where UX design comes in. UX Designers understand the importance of ensuring every aspect of the product is accessible, fun, and simplistic.

How Does UX Work?

When developing a product, a UX Designer will consider the functionality of the product. This includes the Why, What and How it is to be used.

    The “Why” covers the purpose of the product and the value this product will add.

    The “What” covers the functionalities and features that must be or should be included in the product.

    Finally, the “How” covers the look and feel of the product and the accessibility to end users.

Now that you know more about UX design, it’s a good time to reevaluate your website and the user journey. When implementing a new UX design process, make sure you understand your users and gather their feedback. Here at Aciron Consulting, our consultants have extensive skills in both user experience (UX) and back-end technology.

Want to see how a UX design team can help transform your business?

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