The Role of Technology in Business

The role of technology in business is becoming increasingly important. Technology is starting to be used in every aspect of a business’s practices. Therefore, companies must have the most up-to-date technology in order to stay competitive in today’s world. 


People, including employees and clients, expect to be able to connect at all times. Technology allows employees to contact one another as well as their clients and customers in seconds. However, access to more than just email is essential in today’s business world. For example, customers and employees expect to be able to video chat or message one another at any moment. Ultimately, technology allows employees and clients to send and receive immediate answers.


Having technology in businesses increases the overall efficiency of employees. Having access to all documents in one place, such as a company intranet, makes it easier to send and receive information to coworkers. Less time is spent searching through files and documents to try to find a specific word or title. With today’s  technology, there are ways to search for this information from a simple button. A web-based company intranet also allows employees to access their work from almost any location, which, as a result, can reduce sick days and time off.  


Technology is generally very reliable and gives companies access to all documents and information at any moment. But when technology fails, it can have detrimental effects.  The downside is that if the company’s system crashes, employees lose access to all information, which can become very problematic. This can even be dangerous for hospitals or police stations where it is important to have access  to certain information at all times. It can be challenging to rely too heavily on technology, when at times is difficult to control.


Technology can have negative and positive effects on a business’s security. As we all know, once information is put out on the internet, there is no taking it back. On one side, technology gives you the ability to keep important documents safe by creating programs to protect this data. On the other hand, there are many cybersecurity threats and ways to hack your information. Once a hacker gains access, there is no way to know what they will do with the information and no way to prevent the use.  


Digital marketing is the most one of the most efficient forms of marketing. Technology, such as social media, gives marketers the ability to accurately target people across the world. Even more, it ensures marketers are reaching their target market, or those who are in the market for a product or service they are selling. Marketing is an important way to stay relevant in your industry, and without the proper technology it is almost impossible to stay competitive.  

While these are important roles of technology in business, we have not covered all of them; the effects of technology are endless. Aligning technology with your business goals is vital in order to compete in the modern business world. To learn more about how your business can be improved by technology, contact us for a free consultation.

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