Software Evaluation and Selection: How We Do It

Today’s technology marketplace contains hundreds of thousands of products, vendors, and promises, which can make it extremely difficult to identify the solution that is right for you. Which solution works best, and is easy to learn? Which solution is the most cost-effective? How do you figure out which solution will work best to improve your organization’s specific business processes?

As a management and technology consulting company, we meet a lot of companies with the same questions, and have helped those organizations identify and implement the solution that best suits their needs. How do we do it? Through a mix of open communication with the client, our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices, and our thorough, structured process outlined below!

1. Requirements Gathering, Analysis and Protection

Aciron begins each engagement by working collaboratively to gather, analyze, and document your specific goals and requirements for your IT solution. These activities typically involve conducting interviews with key stakeholders, performing a thorough analysis of your existing IT environment and investments, and capturing high level requirements. These requirements gathering activities ensure alignment to one vision and set a solid foundation and roadmap for your project. The requirements mapped out during this process are transformed into key decision criteria to allow Aciron to research and select software or technology solutions that best meet your needs, in terms of people, processes, and technology.

2. Research and Evaluation

The technology marketplace contains hundreds of products, vendors, and promises. Aciron, in an objective and unbiased manner, takes a structured approach to research and evaluate the best potential fits from the crowded marketplace. Applying key observations gathered during the requirements analysis phase, as well as our knowledge of industry best practices, we perform extensive research on different technologies that meet your specific requirements.

3. Due Diligence

Aciron uses the high-level requirements gathered during the requirements analysis and research phases to evaluate and short-list vendors and IT solutions that meet your specific needs. We work with each client to develop a comprehensive comparison matrix to map out the best prospective solutions based on your requirements. Aciron carefully analyzes and interprets the matrix, and rates each prospective solution by assigning each system a score against the requirements. The matrix allow us to further prioritize, compare, and short-list the top prospective solutions to select the best potential match.

4. Implementation

Our structured process gives clients the necessary information and insights to select a thoroughly researched, unbiased, and successful technology solution. Upon coming to a decision, Aciron collaborates with you to develop an effective implementation strategy and plan, tailored to your specific business and technical requirements, ensuring that the selected solution is properly installed, configured, and integrated into your IT environment.

Selecting a new technology or software solution for your company requires a significant investment of your valuable time and resources. As described above, it is important to do your due diligence and make sure that you are confident you are selecting the solution that will best serve your company’s needs in the long-term. While our approach will vary based on the client and their specific needs, in the end it always comes down to our end goal of providing the client with the proper information that will allow them to make the best informed decision possible.

Have you found your own approach to software selection that works well for you? How does it differ from our approach? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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