Should I Jump on the Office 365 Bandwagon?

Since Office 365’s introduction, many have raved over its features and benefits. Office 365 offers a variety of features that makes working easier and more efficient. From competitive pricing to innovative collaboration features, there are plenty of reasons why considering Office 365 is a good move! However, when looking through reviews you can’t help but wonder if, in reality, Office 365 actually lives up to its hype. Check out the pros and cons of Office 365 below to make the decision for yourself!

 Pros of Office 365:

Work from Anywhere, at Anytime

Office 365 offers online versions of many of the applications familiar to most business users, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Along with these familiar applications, Office 365 also offers a variety of other programs to users like SharePoint, Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, etc. that will further enhance the technology stack of any modern organization. By operating in the cloud and providing online access to these applications, users have easier access to emails, files, and other documents allowing them to be productive while working from home, traveling for business trips, commuting between home and work – the possibilities are endless! Instead of clunky VPNs or remote desktop applications, all users need are a compatible device and access to the internet to work at their own convenience.

Cloud Storage

One of the most notable features of Office 365 is that it stores its data on the cloud. Depending on the plan, organizations get 1TB of storage on OneDrive, with an option of purchasing additional storage up to 20TB. With cloud storage, Office 365 frees up physical space, as companies no longer need to dedicate massive amounts of space for on-premises servers. Since IT departments no longer have to spend time working on server maintenance, they can take on other projects with their newly freed-up time.

Collaboration Made Easy

Office 365 has simplified collaboration within an organization thanks to the cloud. One outstanding feature of Office 365 is its Co-Authoring function, which allows multiple users to work on documents together at once, as all changes are synchronized to the cloud instantly. An Office 365 subscription also comes with SharePoint Online, which serves as a document management platform where users can effortlessly share documents with one another. Another benefit of Office 365 is the inclusion of Skype for Business, which gives users the ability to easily get on calls together and hold meetings with coworkers who may be working remotely. These collaboration tools make working collaboratively within an organization more convenient than ever before.

Data Security

A major concern for many organizations is maintaining strong data security while storing their data away from their on-premise data facilities. Office 365 offers a multitude of built-in security features to protect all the data on their servers. From Advanced Threat Protection, which protects emails, documents, and applications from harmful attachments and outside attacks, to Privileged Identity Management, which allows administrators to manage and audit access to high-risk data, Microsoft has come up with a diverse range of security measures to ensure your data’s safety on all levels. Office 365’s regular updates not only include updates to its applications, but also to its security to make sure that it can protect your data from the latest attacks. Even physically, Microsoft’s datacenters are equipped with 24/7 monitoring and a multi-factor authentication system to just get into the facilities, keeping your data away from anyone who is not meant to have it.

Cost Effective

One of the great things about Office 365 is its inexpensive cost to businesses. Office 365 offers a pay-as-you-go method of payment subscription that is customizable based on the plan chosen and the number of users. Along with easy payments, Office 365 includes all updates, upgrades, and any changes made to their software as part of the subscription. This means that companies do not have to pay for the latest versions of Word, Excel, and others; all is included in their plan. Users are able to reap the benefits of Office programs without having to deal with the hassles of updates and maintenance. Even better, IT doesn’t need to manager customer support, since Microsoft handles the technical issues on their own.

Cons of Office 365:

Stable Internet Connection Required

One criticism that Office 365 faces is its need for a stable internet connection. Document sharing and collaboration tools are unable to work without internet access, and if a company relies on those tools, an unstable connection can end up hindering productivity.  However, Office 365 does allow for most of its applications, such as Word, to still work while offline, and all updates will be synced once the internet connection is restored. Users can also sync OneDrive with their computer before they go offline in order to work on documents and sync their updates when they are connected to the internet again.

Software as a Service Model

While many may find the cost of an Office 365 subscription low and well-worth it, it may also be a deterrent to those who do not see the benefits of going with a subscription model instead of simply purchasing the software license upfront. If companies want to cancel their subscription, they may also be dismayed to find that Office 365 has recurring billing set as a default. While Office 365’s recurring billing function can be turned off manually through its settings, this process can be an added hassle.

As listed above, there are plenty of benefits to gain from purchasing an Office 365 subscription for your company. Simplified collaboration, easy access to files anywhere at any time, top security, and ample storage space only scratch the surface of what Office 365 can do.

But ultimately the decision boils down to whether or not it would be a good fit for your company and its needs. If you’re still not sure if Office 365 is right for you, contact us to schedule a free assessment! Our consultants will help you determine if Office 365 suits your business’s unique needs and can work with you to create a plan for implementation, configuration, or migration.

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