SharePoint Intranet: 4 Benefits for Healthcare Companies

If your current document management system scares end users and makes them not want to use it, it may be time to rethink your system. Intranets are especially beneficial for organizations in the healthcare industry as communication and collaboration are imperative to patient care. A well designed SharePoint intranet can provide you with the tools you need to increase collaboration, improve productivity, and improve patient care. Below are some ways in which a SharePoint intranet can benefit your healthcare organization.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

If your organization has providers in various locations, then knowledge sharing is imperative. Knowledge sharing improves communication, collaboration, and enhances staff education. With dashboards, you can ensure the most prominent information is easy for employees to find. You can also set user restrictions. Restrictions allow certain departments and/or users to only access relevant files. 

Improve Patient Care

Recording patients’ feedback in a form allows your organization to track common responses and identify some of your organization’s weaknesses. Thus, improving the patient experience. With access restrictions, you can ensure only certain users can access the forms and comment to patients accordingly. Additionally, Researchers can create forms to get feedback from clinical trial participants and share that form with relevant users.

Staff Training

With a knowledge base, you can store important training documents, best practices, and lessons learned in a centralized location. Additionally, embedding an online calendar with available training courses will allow employees to sign up for courses remotely or on-premise. Calendars provide an easy way to keep track of important dates. In this section, you can also store current policies and procedures for new hires as well as for existing employees to review.

Easily Store and Find Files

Many healthcare organizations have different departments. Therefore, the information shared within those departments is only beneficial to that department. As a result, creating a separate site for each department permits users to publish department news on their newsfeed, store related documents, and create applications that are designed to meet the department’s specific needs. For example, the neurology department may be interested in creating a document set for a particular clinical trial.

These are just a few of the ways a SharePoint intranet can benefit your organization. SharePoint has endless amounts of customization capabilities that can improve your day-to-day operations. If you’re interested in learning about ways SharePoint can help, we would love to get to know your business better and share some recommendations.

Ready to start using SharePoint and take your business to the next level?

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