Is it time to think about cloud migrations?

Cloud migration can involve some risks and uncertainty. Misconfigurations, process of moving files, and the security behind the files are just a few of those potential risks. However, the transition to the cloud doesn’t have to be daunting. To help ease the transition, there are some key factors to consider before starting the migration. 

Security & Productivity

When planning your strategy for your cloud migration, a security-first mindset is essential.  All corresponding methodologies, design considerations, and process procedures should be noted when planning your migration strategy. Taking the multi-layer approach ensures that the appropriate security measures are considered in every layer of your planning. It also protects from external threats, breaches, and even loopholes. This approach is crucial for minimizing complications among network, users, application, and service.

Data Transferring

When transferring your data to the cloud, consider transferring applications with low complexity and/or low priority first. This will allow for a trial and error period without interfering with the business’s high important tasks and deliverables. Before transferring the data consider any data transferring costs that may occur. Usually, transferring data to the cloud is free. However, requests that result in data being moved out of the cloud may require a fee.

Lessons Learned

Applying past experiences and lessons learned from previous data migrations can limit similar complications from occurring. If this is the first time your organization has migrated data, record all processes and complications to refer to at a future date.

Before moving to the cloud it is essential to have a strategic plan and ensure all key stakeholders are involved with the data migration. Additionally, involving a third- party stakeholder helps ensures the migration goes smoothly. If you would like to discuss how a customized migration strategy can benefit your organization, contact us and speak to one of our experienced consultants.

Transform the way you work through cloud migration 

Your company’s unique business needs may be better met by cloud migration. See if a customized solution is right for you. 

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