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As Microsoft SharePoint consultants, we work with various companies looking to get the most out of their SharePoint investments. As a robust platform, Microsoft SharePoint certainly presents many opportunities to meet your knowledge management, document management, collaboration, and host of other needs. As you know, however, unique companies call for unique solutions, often requiring customizations to SharePoint out-of-the-box features.

We are excited to have recently begun sharing on our website our Aciron SharePoint Solution portfolio of free SharePoint web parts to help you easily leverage the power of Microsoft SharePoint. Free and easy to download, the SharePoint web parts can be downloaded and installed in a few simple clicks.

The first web part we recently added is a sleek, user-friendly SharePoint suggestion box. If you’re looking to enhance employee engagement with your SharePoint sites, go ahead and take a look! Built for SharePoint 2010, the suggestion box will captures users’ suggestions about your SharePoint sites. Users can either submit feedback  to their site administrator anonymously or they can be associated with their comments to allow administrators to follow up with them. Submissions are automatically sent to the sites’ designated administrators via email, while submitters receive instant notification of successful submission of feedback. Suggestion box web part built for SharePoint 2013 coming soon!

Screenshot of a SharePoint suggestion box

Download our free SharePoint suggestion box by filling out the form below to get the following features: 

  • Capture and submit suggestions and feedback to SharePoint Site Administrator
  • Option to submit suggestions and feedback anonymously
  • Automatic notification of new suggestions and feedback by email to SharePoint Site Administrator
  • Instant user notification/”thank you” page of successful submission of suggestions and feedback
  • Integrate seamlessly within your SharePoint site
  • Compatible with SharePoint 2010

Download our FREE SharePoint Suggestion Box

SharePoint Web Part: Suggestion Box
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If you have any suggestions on web parts that you would like to see, please go ahead and leave us a comment below! We look forward to continuing to providing you with helpful solutions to enhance your SharePoint sites and would love to hear your suggestions!

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