Going Green with a Document Management System

Happy Earth Day everyone!  We at Aciron would like to take this opportunity to talk to you, our loyal readers, about corporate environmental sustainability.  According to Ecopreneurist, an average company wastes 1.5 pounds of paper per employee per day. 1  This means that many of the forests that are being cut down each year are ending up in the garbage.  One easy way for your company to prevent this waste is to ‘go green’ with technology and reduce your paper usage.

An easy and cost-effective way to reduce your paper usage is by employing a document management system (DMS).  By definition, a document management system is the use of a software solution to digitally store, manage, and track documents and images of physical documents captured through a scanner.  Document management systems can help automate your manual file storage processes to help save time and increase overall company efficiency. Read about the top 3 reasons why your company should consider ‘going green’ with your technology by employing a document management system.

1. Going green with a document management system can save you green -money that is!

One major benefit to ‘going green’ by reducing your paper usage is saving money.  The true cost of your business’s paper usage is much higher than the expense of the paper itself.  To effectively utilize paper in a business, you need to print on it, copy on it, and file it.  This means shelling out more money for photocopiers, printers, ink, file cabinets, and folders – while also spending valuable time and money on reprinting and refiling documents that get misplaced.  Furthermore, regular maintenance on heavily-used photocopiers and printers can add another hidden expense to this list.  Document management systems are highly affordable and commercially available making them a simple and painless business investment.


A less obvious way that implementing a document management system will affect your bottom line is in terms of energy bills and office rent.  When your company relies heavily on paper, you need to have physical space to organize and store all those documents.  Greater paper storage requires larger office spaces and thus higher rent costs.  In terms of energy bills, it is important to remember that it costs more to heat and cool larger spaces.  Additionally, by constantly using photocopiers and printers, your monthly electricity bill will rise.  By reducing the amount of paper your company relies on, you will subsequently reduce the cost of the space that your company requires to operate.

2. Implementing a document management system can improve the efficiency of your business.

As a business professional, you know that time is just as valuable as money.  A document management system stores and archives digital documents, pictures, and files to streamline recordkeeping.  With multiple ways to index digital media, a DMS allows for quick and easy document retrieval by allowing you to tag each document with different search terms. You can easily index files by date, invoice number, vendor name, etc.  In addition to indexing, a DMS also has robust search capability.  Rather than digging through file cabinets or endlessly clicking through a shared network drive, a DMS offers your employees an organized and searchable repository from which they can easily find and access documents.  Furthermore, because a document management system is digital, documents can be accessed inter-departmentally or across multiple offices.  Permissions can be established to determine which users have access to what documents so that confidential information is kept secure.  This improves efficiency as well as teamwork because documents can be easily exchanged.

3. A document management system offers your company disaster protection.

Records in a DMS are stored digitally.  This means that, unlike paper documents which are susceptible to accidents, natural disasters, and business disruptions, records stored on a document management system can be backed up in multiple ways to prevent data loss.  Back-ups can be stored on an off-site server or on a cloud server so that your database can be rebuilt even if your business’s computer system is destroyed.

Going green by reducing your paper usage is not only good for your social karma, but also for your wallet.  Using a document management system, you can reduce the amount that your business spends on paper and paper-related office supplies.  A DMS also improves your business’s efficiency because of its organized and searchable document library.  In case disaster should strike, a document management system will allow for your business to recover without permanent data loss.

Are you unsure of how your business can benefit from a document management system?

Learn how your company can go green with technology by talking to a consultant today!

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