Custom Software Examples Your Construction Firm Should Steal

A custom software solution has many benefits, such as allowing a company to design a personalized interface. The software is designed to meet exact needs to improve business processes, support scalability, and gain competitive advantage. Below are a few areas in which a custom software solution can improve and simplify processes within a construction firm.


Forecasting and scheduling labor can be a challenging task. It can be difficult to manage manually imported tasks, employee calendars, locations, and scheduling resources required for jobs. A custom scheduling application is one way to streamline and simplify the scheduling process. Integrating all information and processes into one central location improves efficiency and transparency within the organization. Items such as assignments, schedules, reports, and projects can easily be imported and managed into one multi-functional application.


Inefficiencies within departments can result in business challenges and lost opportunities. It can also be time-consuming to ensure all team members are informed on necessary tasks.  Therefore, a platform that easily tracks assignments and issues, conducts reviews and generates analytics reports ensures team members are up-to-date on processes and statuses.

Managing Data

Creating, tracking, and managing information is important. However, it can require a lot of manual work, especially if managed in an outdated system. It can be daunting to move all existing data from an old system to a new system. Upgrading the current system to a web-based custom system can be a solution that will provide long term benefits. Identifying essential features and functionality ensures necessary data is moved to the new system. As well as ensuring data is easily accessible to all users. Furthermore, using a custom system allows users to efficiently create, track, and manage items. In addition, it provides users with an intuitive user interface to meet users’ needs.

No matter what your business inefficiencies are, a custom software solution can provide the tools needed to improve business processes. In addition, it can eliminate current system problems, and minimize lost opportunities.  As part of Aciron’s unique approach, we conduct in-depth interviews to ensure we understand the needs of all key stakeholders. This allows us to build a system that meets our client’s key requirements.

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