Custom Software: 5 Benefits for a Law Firm


If your firm is choosing a new software solution, you may consider weighing the benefits of a custom software. For example, meeting your firm’s current and future needs or the ability to include relevant features and functions. Additionally, the system could track and mange case records, case activities, and clients’ information. The number of a ways a law firm can benefit from a custom software solution are endless. This post discusses some of the ways in which law firms can benefit from a custom development solution.


Manually coordinating and managing relevant court dates, client meetings, and task reminders can be time consuming and frustrating. However, a custom software solution gives you the ability to automate the scheduling process. It also gives you the benefit of having a centralized location for you to manage your schedule, tasks, and meetings. Thus, ensuring you effectively meet your deadlines. Additionally, with a custom software solution, you can ensure the solution is user friendly and meets the needs of key stakeholders.

Employee Directory

Having a centralized employee directory provides a faster method for locating employee’s information. With a company directory, employees can easily navigate relevant employee information, such as phone numbers, departments, locations, and titles. In addition, you can ensure the directory is compatible with any existing software solutions.

Consolidating Cases

Keeping track of all current and past cases is imperative. However, it can be time consuming and challenging. Reducing time spent on managing cases is another benefit of a custom software solution. Therefore, storing all related data in one centralized location can dramatically reduce the time spent on managing cases. Additionally, there is the ability to categorize cases by case type, which provides the ability to easily monitor relevant activities.

Consolidating Client Records

Navigating and retaining client information is important for every client engagement. With the concern of client confidentiality, having a centralized and secure system to store confidential client information during and after representation is a must. With a custom software solution, you can grant file access to certain personnel, which enhances client confidentiality.  A custom system can also help you organize clients by categories, status, or other areas of focus. Thus, allowing you to deliver up-to-date documents and resources in a timely manner.

Billing Management

Manually managing billing information, including projects and their associated costs, can be a frustrating process. Therefore, having a system that can automate the billing process is beneficial. Additionally, a software that can create editable, shareable, and easy to read invoices is a time saver. Furthermore, with an online payment system you can monitor outgoing and incoming payments. 

Almost any aspect of your law firm can be automated. A customized solution can help automate processes as well as improve efficiencies. However, when choosing to move forward with a custom software solution, there is a lot to consider. Here at Aciron, we have extensive experience helping law firms build a software solution that best meets current and future needs.

Find out how a custom software solution can benefit your law firm.

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