6 SharePoint Web Parts to Increase Intranet Adoption

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust platform that many companies use to create their corporate intranets. The combination of SharePoint’s default functionality and the wide array of web parts allow the system to be easily customized to meet many organizations’ intranet needs. While the expansive library of web parts offers many exciting possibilities for customization, it can also cause be overwhelming for administrators who then need to decide which web parts to implement in their company’s intranet.

When making the decision of which web parts to implement, the number one question to ask yourself is: How will this impact user adoption? Below are our recommendations for the must-have web parts to increase your intranet adoption rate:

1. Calendar

Post company events including company holidays, company/staff milestones, training classes, team meetings, etc. to keep your employees up-to-date and engaged in what’s going on in the company. By making your intranet the hub for event information in your organization, you can increase the adoption rate for the system as your employees will always seek out this important information.

2. Quick Links

Allow users to navigate to useful pages, documents, external sites, etc. by adding quick links to both your intranet homepage and your department landing pages. By making navigation to important resources quick and easy, employees will find using the intranet helpful and easy-to-use, and you will be able to increase user adoption.

3. Document Libraries

Store and organize documents on your intranet to not only increase user adoption, but productivity as well. Instead of wasting time looking for documents or requesting them from colleagues, employees can access the documents they need directly on the intranet. If you’re worried about protecting sensitive information, don’t be! SharePoint’s extremely granular permissioning structure allows documents to live on the intranet but only be accessible to authorized users.

4. Task Lists

Allow your employees to track, prioritize, and organize their tasks directly in the SharePoint intranet using the Task List web part. Connect the task list to Outlook to further extend the functionality of this powerful web part. By incorporating task management into your intranet, you’ll make the system part of your employees’ daily routine, thus increasing the intranet’s adoption rate.

5. Company Announcements and Employee News

Make your intranet fun as well as informative by including not only official company announcements like updates to HR policies, new benefits information, and year-end statements, but also employee news like engagement announcements, birthdays, and promotions. By doing this, you’ll make the intranet an active part of your company culture and engage your employees on a personal level, rather than just a professional one.

6. Social Media Feed

Keeping intranets up-to-date with new, exciting content can be challenging for companies who don’t have dedicated intranet resources. An easy way to ensure a constant stream of new intranet updates is by adding social media feeds to the intranet’s homepage. Because most companies manage social media profiles anyway, integrating these feeds with your intranet is a great way to make your marketing posts do double duty as new intranet content!

From calendars to announcements and even task lists, selecting the right SharePoint web parts can dramatically impact the adoption rate of your intranet. There are many web parts beyond the ones listed above, and exploring them can help you customize SharePoint to meet your organization’s unique needs. To avoid getting overwhelmed, talk to a consultant who can help you navigate the web part store, as well as help you evaluate and select the best web parts for your intranet.

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