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Emergency preparedness requires a continuous process of planning and coordination among regions’ public health leaders, emergency management professionals, local residents, and surrounding communities. In order to respond successfully and swiftly in the event of an emergency, emergency management professionals must organize and manage volunteers, resources, and vital information effectively.

ePrepare is a seamless, user-friendly, online emergency preparedness application that makes managing and organizing a region effective and efficient in the event of an emergency. This comprehensive online application, accessible through a password protected portal, includes three integrated applications:

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As an emergency management professional, your ability to organize and coordinate with volunteers before, during, and after an emergency can have a significant impact on the well-being of your region. ePrepare’s volunteer management system can play a critical role in maintaining an effective volunteer program by allowing you to:

  • Add, edit, and view new and existing volunteers
  • Maintain volunteer credentials, skills, interests, licenses, and contact
  • Create events for volunteers to register for online
  • Access reporting functions and print important volunteer documents
  • Send emails directly through VMS to contact specific volunteers or

Maximize efficiency and organization by utilizing a central repository to view, organize, print, and share important documents pertaining to all of your region’s emergency preparedness matters.

  • Upload, share, and search for important documents
  • Organize and print documents as needed
  • Track who last modified data and what modifications were made
  • Manage tasks and deliverables with a calendar view

Maintain and manage resources, contacts, and other valuable information pertaining to communities within your region for easy access to correct information in the event of an emergency.

  • Manage all resources, including FTE’s
  • Track Emergency Dispensing Sites
  • Capture demographics and statistics
  • Tag all assets and search specific communities assets
  • Easily access contact information of officials, community leaders and state
  • Add and view information regarding the regions’ vendors
ePrepare Case Study

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